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Warped Guidelines & Tips

Post by Kellin on Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:35 pm

We are so glad to have you here! Since everybody should be reading this, I'll place my first piece of information about me here... My computer is broken. I am doing everything from my phone. This makes everything 10x more difficult, so please bear with me until I can get my computer fixed. Without further ado, lets get the boring crap out of the way!

1. This website is rated PG-13. If you cannot handle some swearing and stuff like that, it's probably a good idea to leave. I tolerate any kind of swearing (reasonably), however if it gets out of hand your privilege will be taken away. One bad apple spoils the bunch, huh?
2. Roleplay posts must be at least 2 paragraphs long. However, you can make your paragraphs as long as you want. After all, there are one sentence paragraphs, right?
3. SPAM is not tolerated here. Posts must be at least 3 words long (some exceptions... i.e forum games) and try your best to stay on topic.
4. Everybody is treated equally here, weather or not they are in a lower class or not. You treat everyone with respect here. If you fail to respect anyone here, then an immediate warning is given.
5. You must post on here at least 3 times a week. 1 has to be in roleplay, and the other 2 can be where ever you please. At the end of your bio, place the word asylum so I know you read these. Keep mind, a post only counts as a "mandatory" post if it has 3+ words. Therefore, in most forum game posts they will not count.
6. DO NOT ask for a promotion, whether it be lead, chat mod powers, or to be a beta. Applications will eventually come out for this.

All right! I'm pretty lenient when it comes to rules.

1. Open up! If you can't open up, then this isn't the site for you. At least try to open up and have fun!


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