Mate & Pup Guidelines

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Mate & Pup Guidelines

Post by Kellin on Sat Mar 21, 2015 7:41 am

1. Mates are a privledge. If you take advantage of it, it will be taken away.
2. Keep graphic mating to a minimum. I could care less if it was in PM, just not in the roleplay please.
3. Mates cannot split up unless both members agree too it.
4. If you are split up, you cannot get another mate until you wait 3 months.

1. You can have up to 5 pups, but enough must be killed off or dispersed so that you have one remaining.
2. With your last pup, you have two options. Your pup can be dispersed at about 1 year of age (about 6 normal months) or you can find someone to roleplay him/her for you.
3. Once again, pups are a privilege, take advantage of it and it's gone.


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