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Post by Kellin on Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:31 pm

Hey there! Before picking a rank, I suggest reading over this topic just so you are sure of what you want. Without further ado, lets get into it!

Closed This rank will forever be closed unless it needs to be opened. The leaders help ensure the pack is flowing smoothly and nothing goes wrong. They are the founders of the pack and also established the thread and website. They are very knowledgeable about the site/thread, so feel free to ask any questions you have.

Closed Once the pack reaches 15 or so members (even if it does..) applications will open. We will probably accept two Betas. The Betas are the moderators of the site, and are also 2nd in command. They regularly check their forums and moderate them so that they are nice and tidy.

Open Just as it sounds, these are the healers of the pack and they know very much about native herbs and remedies to heal the sick. They generally endure a long (ish) apprentice training so they grasp everything they may need to know. If you choose to be a medic apprentice, then you have a higher chance of being the lead medic and a reward is given.

Open Hunters provide the food for the pack so they don't go hungry. Prey comes in all sizes, from small hares to buffalo. They develop the right techniques to confuse and slaughter prey, however not all hunts are to be successful. If you choose to be a hunter apprentice, then you have a higher chance of being the lead hunter and a reward is given.

Open Scouts will travel the territory line and make sure no intruders have cross over. If something (or someone) has crossed over, and assassin is quickly called to take over. They are equipped with a keen sense of smell and sharp eyesight. If you choose to be a scout apprentice, then you have a higher chance of being the lead scout and a reward is given.

Open The main job of the assassin is to get rid of unwanted life in the territory. Whether it be squirrels, hares, bears, or whatevers out there, they will definTely kill it. And if they can't kill it, then they would have definitely driven it out.  If you choose to be a assassin apprentice, then you have a higher chance of being the lead assassin and a reward is given.

Open Psychiatrists help control The Warped. They are skilled with words and are patient. We depend on them to mentally prepare some members for the future. This rank definitely takes time to master and effort to perform.

Closed Currently, there is no one to teach you how to do your rank, so I cannot open this quite yet. Apprentices learn how to do their rank from the exsisting pool of members in that rank. This training can take place in roleplay, pm, or a seperate thread. You can be an apprentice for the following ranks: Medic, Hunter, Scout, Assassin, and Psychiatrist.

The Warped
The Warped are members who have ventured into the asylum and come back so shaken that they can't think straight. They suffer mood swings and hallucinations. If you do go to the asylum, you have the choice to change to this rank for a set amount of time or you can stay the same if you like.


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